The apple hotline rings directly to the store personnel only during hours of operation. During closed hours, an informational message about apples ripe for picking now will be given.
From Brandon:  Go 2 1/2 miles north of I-90 and 2 miles west on Hwy 130
From Exit 402 on I-90:  Go 2 miles north and 2 miles east
From Cliff Ave and I-90:  Go 2 miles north to Renner and 5 miles east
From Renner Exit on I-29:  Go 8 miles east on Hwy 130
Apple Hotline: 605.582.3966
25789 480th Ave.
Brandon, SD 57005
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What is your favorite apple to eat fresh that we have out at our Orchard?
Honey Crisp
Williams Pride
Ginger Gold
Mollies Delicious
Pioneer Macintosh
Sweet 16
Honey Gold
Red Regent
Connel Red
Haralson/Haral Red
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2017 Season is OPEN!

Welcome back to another year with us!
Definitely our favorite time of year!
Summer apples are ready for you to pick!
See you Soon!!!!
When you come out, do not forget to take pictures and share them with us!  We may even ask to use them here on our site!  PLUS! We will do a photo contest in October for a bushel of apples again!  Good luck and HAPPY APPLE SEASON!