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Apple Hotline: 605.582.3966
25789 480th Ave.
Brandon, SD 57005
•Can we pick our own apples? - Of course you can! It is what an orchard is all about!

•Why does picking close at 5:30pm? - We want to ensure that our staff are able to leave when we close at 6pm. This gives everyone time to bring their apples up and bagged. Almost all of our staff do this along with their full time jobs, we want them to have time with their families as well.

•How do I know what trees to pick from? - All the trees that we have open for picking will have a ribbon pinned to a branch (different color ribbons for different types of trees). A ribbon on a tree does not mean that all the trees around it are that same kind, we are very spread out. We do ask that you ONLY pick from trees with ribbons.  Please ask one of our staff for apple availability. If a tree is not marked, it is either not ripe…or we have other plans for that specific area.

•How do I pick an apple? - Twist the apple from the branch. Pulling at the apple will cause many to drop to the ground.

•Is it safe to eat the apples straight from the trees? - It totally is. We want you to try them! How else will you know it’s what you want?

•Can we eat some while we are out picking? - Yes, we don’t know how anyone could resist NOT eating any while out there surrounded by them all!

•Can we bring our pets? - We do love pets out at the orchard and understand they are a part of your family. All we ask is that you keep them leashed and watch them at all times, they are your responsibility.  

•Do we need to bring our own bags? - We have baskets for picking, and bags for taking them home. However, if you would like to bring your own, that is great! We can weigh your bags/containers just as easily…AND you are doing something good for the planet!! .

•May we pick up ground fall? - Unfortunately, we no longer offer groundfall as an option. If you pick from the ground, it is the same price as from the tree.

•Do you offer field trips/tours? - We do apologize to you all, we are not offering tours or fieldtrips. We do allow large groups. Please call us Wed-Friday from Noon-2pm to speak with someone. 605.582.3966

•Do you do bulk orders? - Yes, we do. Pricing changes from year to year. Leave a name and number for management and we can set something up.

•How big is Hoversten Orchard? - There are 25 acres here, five thousand trees (over 2500 of them are Honey Crisp), and we have 22 different varieties of apples.

•Do you make your own cider? - We most certainly do! We usually have two batches. The first batch is a mix of our summer apples. The second, a mix of our fall apples. It is simply delicious!

•What is the difference between Apple Cider and Apple Juice? - (short answer) Our apple cider is just the juice from us pressing the apples. We do add some preservative as cider is perishable, and the preservative keeps it longer for you. Cider DOES need to be kept cold. Apple juice has more additives. Each kind is different. Some remove all the pectin and starch while also removing all solids, and some do add something to make it clear, and to keep it from needing to be refrigerated.  

•What is the difference between Jellies and Preserves? - In jelly the fruit comes in the form of fruit juice, and usually strained to give it the clarity it has. Preserves, the fruit comes in the form of fruit chunks in syrup. 

•When will *insert apple name here* be ready? - There is an average for every variety of apple. There are many factors in when our trees are ready, and weather is a huge one. We do keep our website updated at all times on what is available and ready for you. We cannot give exact dates, but will always do our very best to keep you all informed.